About Company

Non-Ferrous Industries Process, Engineering, and Construction Company (NIPEC) is a privately held company based in Tehran, Iran. The company was established in December 1994, with the support and cooperation of National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) and Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company (SCICO).

Having been involved in a variety of fields of activity, such as consulting, engineering and design, equipment supply, implementation, and supervision and management of industrial projects’ contracts for two decades, NIPEC enjoys a rich background in various industrial sectors, enabling it to provide invaluable services to a great many of industries, including but not limited to mining and metal, copper, chemical, mineral processing, petrochemical, and Oil and Gas industries.

It is the norm for leading organizations to pursue and accomplish their missions and objectives through the development and implementation of stakeholder-engaged strategies. Thus, strategic management of resources is a critical factor in the continuous development of an organization in competitive environments. Having said that, NIPEC has honorably been a leading company in its effective and efficient use of human, financial, information, and technological resources; what has been driving us towards organizational excellence.

Today, project management is considered a professional, knowledge-based subject in large project-based organizations. Additionally, the application of management standards, especially risk management, proves essential for an organization’s survival. In this regard, the consideration of management standards is amongst the top priorities of NIPEC as the company makes its moves towards expansion into global markets.

Over these years, relying upon its well-trained workforce, state-of-the-art technologies, and effective management, NIPEC has demonstrated its potential to efficiently deal with most challenging issues, ranging from feasibility studies to mineral/industrial processing plants construction.

NIPEC has undertaken numerous huge projects; and amongst the most significant ones are Sarcheshmeh converter’s off-gas treatment in the Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex in Kerman, the construction and operation of Chehel Koureh Copper Concentrate Plant in Sistan and Balouchestan, and the consulting services for the construction of Khatoon Abad Copper Smelting Complex in Kerman.

In addition to the important industrial projects carried out by NIPEC, the company has engaged in the localization of most crucial areas of science relating to mineral processing, namely the design of leaching and concentrate plants, along with the construction of acid production from smelting plants’ off-gas. NIPEC’s involvement in the abovementioned fields has made it one of the most important and influential companies in the realm of mining.

The ultimate goal of NIPEC is contributing to Iran’s move towards prosperity and making the impossible possible within the framework of Iran’s macroeconomic policies (Resistance Economy).

CEO’s Message

Non-ferrous Industries Process, Engineering and Construction Company (NIPEC) has been long active in copper industry. The company is amongst the most important subsidiaries of Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company. The key role of NIPEC in providing consulting and construction services for large-scale industrial projects has enabled the copper industry in Iran to flourish.

Today, we are honored to announce that, after many years of effective activity, and relying on our experienced and highly-skilled workforce, we are able to keep up with the fast-paced technological and scientific advances worldwide, and are well-prepared to do whatever it takes to further develop industries, and in particular, copper industry.

We, at NIPEC, take great pride in our priceless consulting, executive, and supervisory roles in a great many projects, such as the construction of Khatoon Abad Smelting Plants, the treatment of Sarcheshmeh Converter’s off-gas, and the construction and operation of Chehel Koureh Copper Concentrate Plant. Now, two decades after the establishment of the company, depending upon our rich background and unique capabilities, we are to begin a new era in Iran’s mining industry.

In the end, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our colleagues, who are invaluable parts of our company; and would like to wish spectacular success for all our commercial and technical partners all over the world. We look forward to the honor of having the cooperation of all those who have concerns for a better world.

Vision Statement

Sustainable development in a country could be achieved if it is in line with the country’s resources and capabilities. Iran is a mineral-rich country and has many deposits of a variety of minerals at its disposal. This potential makes Iran an attractive target for investment.

NIPEC was established as one of the first companies affiliated with the National Iranian Copper Company, which takes a knowledge-based approach to mining and related industries.

NIPEC has secured a high position in the area of mining and its related industries due to its 25 years of quality service provision in terms of the design and construction of industrial plants.

Accordingly, focusing on the country’s macroeconomic policies (Resistance Economy) and the need for localization of technical science, NIPEC, in cooperation with domestic and international science centers, is making an attempt to constitute a global network centered around mineral industries, in which different stages, ranging from the identification of investment opportunities to final product sales, are completed in a reliable manner.


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