Consulting and Supervisory Services for MIDUK Copper Heap Leaching Plant Project, Kerman

The Miduk Copper Heap Leaching Plant is located 42 kilometers northeast of Shahr-e Babak with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of copper cathode per year. The construction project started in 2009, and it was completed in 2012. In this plant, copper cathode produced by extracting copper from low-grade oxide and sulfide ores (oxide ores of 0.7% to 2% purity and sulfide ores of 0.2% to 0.39% purity) through hydrometallurgical processes. The raw materials needed to produce copper cathode are oxide/sulfide copper ores extracted from Miduk copper mines.

The plant consists of three major sections of

  • Crushing and agglomeration circuit
  • Heap leaching
  • SX-EW plant