Sarcheshmeh Converter’s Off-Gas handling system, Kerman

Sarcheshmeh Converter’s Off-Gas handling system project was among the key projects in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex Development Project and is also considered a major environmental project implemented in the Iranian copper industry. The project aimed at reducing environmental contaminations as a result of the gases emitted from the smelting plant. It also targeted renovating and optimizing the conversion operation by stressing the urge to increase the production capacity of the furnaces in the Sarcheshmeh copper complex .As a result of the project, the following changes and modifications have been made:

  • Gas collecting systems (the existing hoods were replaced by wet collectors)
  • Cooling system for the circulating water in hoods
  • Designing cooler spray for cooling the gases down to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Changing all off-gas ducts
  • Changing electrofilters and off-gas fans
  • Dust collecting and transfer system
  • Silica charging system

This project was carried out by NIPEC with the contribution of technology providing companies, FLS and Outotec.