Consulting Services for the Construction of Sulfuric Acid Plants in Sarcheshmeh, Kerman

The technologies required for acid plant construction are owned by a limited number of companies worldwide. Monsanto, from the USA, and Outotec, from Finland, are two of the most famous companies in possession of such technologies.

The construction of the sulfuric acid plant in Sarcheshmeh (production capacity of 600,000 tons) is underway under Outotec’s license, utilizing double absorption technology.

In Sarcheshmeh Plant, the flash gas, containing 20% sulfur dioxide, enters the acid production process.

NIPEC has played a significant role in the project’s progress by providing consulting and management services for sulfuric acid plant projects in both Sarcheshmeh. NIPEC has also done a lot to reduce the pollution caused by the smelting process, in order to guarantee a higher standard of health for the people living in adjacent cities.