Non-Ferrous Industries Process, Engineering, and Construction Company (NIPEC) is a privately held company based in Tehran, Iran. The company was established in December 1994, with the support and cooperation of National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) and Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company (SCICO).

Having been involved in a variety of fields of activity, such as consulting, engineering and design, equipment supply, implementation, and supervision and management of industrial projects’ contracts for two decades, NIPEC enjoys a rich background in various industrial sectors, enabling it to provide invaluable services to a great many of industries, including but not limited to mining and metal, copper, chemical, mineral processing, petrochemical, and Oil and Gas industries.

Scope of Activities

Industry and Mining

The industry and mining sector in Iran is one of the mainstays of the economy. This sector vastly cooperates

Oil and Gas Industry

Today, trading of energy, and in particular oil, accounts for an extremely large proportion of world trade.


There are certain essentials that could guarantee the achievement of sustainable development.


Market Development

Delivering services and goods in correspondence with customers’ up-to-date needs and demands is a necessity for a dynamic and successful business enterprise.


The heart of a company is its commercial department, whose responsibility is to find profitable markets for the company on the basis of its deep knowledge of environmental conditions.


This group is organized in the form of five units of electrical, control and instrumentation, civil, process and mechanical.

Quality Control and Technical Inspection

The issue of controlling and assuring quality are some major parts of comprehensive quality management systems.